Standard Room

A well-equipped Standard Room with modern tools and equipment’s, Continental Engines ensure proper validation and testing of products and flawless functioning of processes to optimize the product quality

The testing lab is well equipped with testing apparatus such as Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis, DECO Density Checking Equipment, Stick Point Tester, Hot Tensile Tester, Micro Scope, Hardness Tester, UTM Machine, Wet Test Lab, CMM, Radiography – X-ray – Bosello and more.


  • Radiography X Ray
  • Spectro Meter
  • Profile Projecter
  • Hardness Testing Equipments
  • 3D CMM Room
  • Marposs gauge for Cam Bore Concentricity

Tool Room

The engineering section is supported by a well-equipped in-house tool room that deploys latest machines for in house tools maintenance, ongoing ECN changes and modification to support our production and quality requirement.